Adapt to Attract Millennial and Gen Z Talent

Associations’ unique ability to influence policy and drive the success of various industries has, for many organizations, allowed recruitment to almost take care of itself. Candidates knew that working for an association would allow them to make a real difference and make valuable professional connections.


Today, millennials make up the largest segment of the workforce. Like their predecessors, they value mission-based work, but they also seek flexibility and a seat at the table in their organizations. Generation Z, meanwhile—the oldest of whom turn 22 this year—is about to join the workforce and will further disrupt the world of work as we know it.


Many associations will need to adjust their structure to attract and retain millennials and Gen Z, whose members will bring critical skills and a fresh perspective to the association community. In this webinar, Sarah Sladek, author of Talent Generation: How Visionary Organizations Are Redefining Work and Achieving Greater Success, will lead you through the challenges that associations face when vying for younger generations’ attention—and how to adapt.

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March 15, 2018
Adapt to Attract Millennial and Gen Z Talent
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Sarah Sladek  [ view bio ]
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