Today's Retirement Realities

Retirement needs and planning are changing, but are your benefit plans, investments and employee engagement keeping pace?  Americans are living longer and retiring later.  We will discuss key areas that impact both your organization and how you approach your retirement plan and your own personal planning decisions.


Leaders are faced with many decisions in managing their organization’s retirement plan benefits.  To make effective decisions you should have a solid understanding of how your retirement plan is equipped to get employees to retirement successfully, amongst an ever changing landscape.  Americans have been retiring later, impacting both the organization and their planning decisions.  In addition, they are also spending longer in retirement as longevity has increased.   We will explore current trends in retirement that are impacting decisions you make as a leader, as well as effective employee communication strategies to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity. 


Most Americans don’t understand how to maximize social security effectively or how to tackle inflation concerns (yes it is real), nor the reality of actual spending habits that impact not only a successful retirement, but the confidence to be able to retire.  Many plan participants are not confident about their savings, investment and planning to reach their goals, which for many extends their working years.  These concepts are useful not only to business leaders, but can assist you personally in making good planning decisions and helping employees achieve retirement confidence.  We will discuss ways to deploy and utilize your current retirement provider’s tools and resources to help communicate these important topics to employees, how to engage your plan advisor’s help and finally, how a formal financial wellness benefit can pull it all together.


After this session, you will:


  • Know how the increased # of working years and years spent in retirement impact employees’ decisions
  • Know how to maximize Social Security and not miss out on thousands of dollars
  • Know how inflation and spending habits impact successful retirement planning and outcomes
  • Know how you can get assistance with employee communication and financial wellness programs
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Date Presented:
April 15, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Today's Retirement Realities
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