How to Master Real-time Brand Activation and Make Your Association Stand Out

With the massive popularity of content marketing, our social media newsfeeds are constantly flooded with creative brand content (we see over 5,000 brand messages a day.) How can your organization stand out from the crowd and with so much content competing for your audience’s time?

Public relations expert, author, and CEO Adele Cehrs will show you how to react to real-time events, and how your organization can rise above the noise of the busy social space by spotting opportunities to make a spark, or SPIKE (a sudden point of interest that kick-starts exposure).

During the webinar, you will learn how to understand your audience’s interests and motivations, determine which points during the year your association is most relevant and discover why listening is one of the most important parts to creating marketing wins.  Learn from Adele’s experience with well-known associations who have implemented this strategy with great success, including the Emergency Nurses Association, ASAE, and the National Speakers Association.

After completing the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to identify the right target audience and what they want from their association.
  • Build out a true relevance calendar and determine when their audience wants to hear from you.
  • Incorporate audience listening into a comprehensive PR and marketing strategy and learn to assert their brand when it’s most relevant and appropriate.
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July 20, 2015 12:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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How to Master Real-time Brand Activation and Make Your Association Stand Out
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Adele Cehrs   [ view bio ]
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